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My First Blog Post !

The "news, sports, weather" introduction:

Kwey kwey ! My name is Lynette. I was born with a different name; but that's another story. I live on the west coast of Vancouver Island, as far west as I could go. I am a wife, a mother, a sister. I have a dog, four rescued birds and a cat.

I work on the water as a commercial mariner, which leaves me with an "off-season" when I do much of my creating. I am in love with the ocean, I sometimes feel like she saved me; and I owe her something.

With that sense of responsibility, I try to help other people see her and love her too. I paint the secrets she hides beneath the surface. I take people out to see the wonderous creatures. I pick up garbage from her shores.

I do weird things. I know that acrylic paint is plastic, so I don't throw my paintbrush water down the drain. I let the water dehydrate, and I peel the residual paint from my container and "hide" it in my next painting. I make things out of used sheets from resorts, and from the debris I pick up on the beaches.

I hope to use this blog to talk about Injustices to the Indigenous People of Canada and my own experience. The art I am creating and experimenting with, and how art helps heal my soul. I also want to share my quest to reuse waste textiles, my love for whales and fish and oh so many other things !

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